This is the unlighted sign you’ve been seeing at the top of all the Steg pages. It probably dates to the 30’s and is the forerunner to neon signs. You don’t see it in the picture, but when lit, the letters appear to be raised and curved like a neon even though they are reverse-on-glass. I’ve seen a few from different brewing companys. If you haven’t seen a lighted one in darkness, you’re missing some great old advertising.
This is the more common of the Steg pre-prohibition trays, but a beauty nontheless. It’s copyrighted 1904 by C W Girsh, NY. You can find it in both the pie rim and inverted pie rim. Steg bought the rights to this lady, to prevent other brewers from using her. You may find her on some other early pieces before Steg acquired rights. Buying rights to stock pictures was practiced by other well-to-do brewers of that period.
This is a very scarce post-prohibition 12 inch tray manufactured by Acme of Philadelphia. Probably late 30’s or early 40’s. Note that it is very similar in design to some of their coasters of that period.