Stegmaier Containers

Photos courtesy of The Lion, Inc.

These photos were passed on to me by a Lion Brewery Vice President who was the Bottling House manager at the Stegmaier Brewery when it shut down in 1974. These are his photos of containers he collected over the years.

Believed to be the first bottle. A Baer &
Stegmaier, circa 1860’s
The can on the left is the actual last can that
came off the production line at Stegmaier.
Believed to be a very scarce style Stegmaier
These look like different tab tops that came off
the production line.
Nice old Liebotshaner Select in the center. Not a container, but this is that great original
litho shown on the Christmas card issued by Lion. WOW !!!
And some more Steg cans Stegmaier Brothers bottle, circa early 1930’s Susquehanna Brewing Co (controlled by
Stegmaier), circa early 1900’s