As s collector of “old beer stuff” for many years, I’ve accumulated various and assorted beer related items. I buy, trade and sell items from a large variety of breweries. My personal favorite is Stegmaier Brewing Company of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. who distributed a wealth of advertising spanning nearly 100 years.

I’m always looking for items that are different or unique from Steg. I’m a member of ECBA. If you have any special interests or just want to stop by for a beer chat, drop me a note. Thanks for visiting and happy hunting.

Come back and visit now and then. I’m always updating the Steg photo gallery and my “for sale or trade” pages.

In addition to my beer collecting, I collect old Pennsylvania fishing licenses and Phillies baseball cards. Also, I enjoy bowling, and am an avid fisherman. If I don’t respond right away to your mail it’s probably cause the “GONE FISHING” sign is posted.

Stegmaier Gallery 7

(1) Grain bag / take home bag / bank bag
(2) Advertising manual
(3) 4 Limoges china plates

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Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., Chippewa Falls, WI

Leinie's Amber Light beer figural canoe; 13 1/2 inch, 2-sided, decal on painted composition. Nice metalic blue finish. This brew seems to be harder to get for these canoe taps. Unused.
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Stegmaier Gallery 41

(1) Pre-pro brass ashtry / matchholder
(2) 30’s glass bottom ashtray
(3) Kitchen pot holder.

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Stegmaier Gallery 72

(1) Large Cold and Gold banner
(2) 1947 90th year banner
(3) Delivery person hat cover

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Horlacher Brewing Co., Allentown, PA

Horlacher glass can; 7 1/4 x 9 inch, cardboard point-of-sale bottle display sign. About 1970 vintage. Great shape.
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Most Recent Collection Posts

Henry F. Ortlieb Brewing Co., Philadelphia, PA

Ortliebs Beer die cuts; Lot of 5 different, lightweight cardboard Ortliebs beer containers. Includes a quart bottle, pint bottle, 12 oz. bottle, 12 oz. can and a glass. Bottles are 9 1/2 inches high. All in great shape with no creases. Plain white backsides have some...

Seagrams Whiskey

Matchbook Holder - Vintage, plastic bowl used on the bar to hold matchbooks for patrons. Made by Claremould Plastics Company of Newark. Larger lettering says "Say Seagrams and be Sure". Bowl is 5 1/2 inchs in diameter and it stands 3 1/8 inches high. Real nice shape.

Ertl Die-Cast, Dyersville, IA

Die-Cast Truck - Ertl die-cast metal truck produced in 1995 and in a very limited quanity. 1923 Chevy truck for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company of Allentown, PA. It features Ready Killowatt and a billboard reading " More Power for Central Eastern Pennsylvania"....

Piels Bros., Brooklyn, NY

Piels Fine Beer tray. 13 inch round. 30's vintage. Nice example, but not as clean as photo depicts. These old black trays are really hard to find completely clean. There is some light scuffing in the black background not seen in the photo. You should be pleased if not...

Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA

Sam Adams Seasonal Brew - medium size; 9 1/2 inch, 3-sided, heavy composition. Quality made tap with the rustic pub look. Inserts can be changed to use 4 different brews. They are pictured in the photo. They are easily interchangeable. Used, excellent condition. A few...

Old Beer Stuff

If you have any tidbits of information on beer history or collectibles, contact us! We will publish your articles and give you full credit!


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