Another pre-1900 engraved tray. This one is solid brass and advertises the same original Liebotschaner and Stock Lager and Stock and Draught Porter as seen on the copper tray on page one, but the engraving design is diffferent. Super early advertising and executed in considerably more detail and quality than the typical brewery tray of this period. Manufacturer is The Carpathian Silver Tray
Co of New York.
Early 1900’s original lithograph of the most recognizable of the Stegmaier ladies. This was used on the early trays and also by the Lion Brewery for their reproduction Christmas cards. The original Stegmaier lady lithos are simply done, but very difficult to find. I suspect they were produced in quite limited quantities.
33 1/3, 2-sided, 16 inch, oversized record with Stegmaier Announcements (advertising spots) used by radio stations around 1950. The record contains 10 different spots on each side. I would like to record this record to CD, but have not been able to find someone with the equipment to handle the size of the record. Any leads would be appreciated.