Trio of scarce pinbacks. One on left is by Bastian Bros. with a manufacturers tag on the inside that includes “Celluloid Novelties”, The middle one is also quite old with some sort of embossed mfg. mark that I can’t make out. One on right looks like a 60’s pin.
Old tin shelf marker that is probably from the 1940’s. Often mistaken for a sign, but was used by retailers to mark the shelf where the Steg products were displayed. As far as I know there was only one find of these (yours truly). It’s quite some time ago, but I think there were around 40 of them which I sold quickly for a few bucks. You now see them surface for considerably more.
Old botttle topper that was probably distributed along with their “Anniversary Brew”. There is also a bottle label for Anniversary Brew. Strange that I’ve not seen many of these.