Turn of the century Steg factory tray by Standard Advertising Co. of Coshocton, OH which ceased operation in 1901. Note the manufacturing hole in the top of the rim. I’ve seen this on some other Standard trays as well. Must have been a collector in the family!
Another Steg factory tray by Burdick from the 30’s. This is the light-weight, flat lipped style tray used mostly by Pennsylvania firms for their advertising. We locals commonly refer to this style as a “pretzel” tray.
Yet another 30’s Steg factory tray by N.Y. Importing Co. This is a13 inch pie-rim style tray. Note the impending head on crash of the two trains on the back rail. (Locally referred to as the “cornfield meet”.) This error was corrected in the late 30’s and early 40’s twelve inch factory trays.