Two examples of the Stegmaier 12 inch factory scene trays produced by various manufacturers from 1936 through the early 1940’s. I believe the one on the left (probably later 30’s) is the most scarce. It is an American Can tray with a red backside. The sky is more of a powder blue and the rim has an orange-red color. The one on the right is unmarked and the newest of the bunch. It is also the most common. Seems like they did one of these each year in that time span making them pretty common as a group, but fairly scarce as individual examples. I believe the first one was a 1936 Electro-Chemical tray.
Three of the more common late 30’s through early 40’s trays. I know of 2 manufacturers of the one on the left and 3 manufacturers of the one
on the right. There are very minor differences in the trays. I’m only aware of one example of the middle tray.
More common 1950’s and 60’s trays. Least common would be the green one and most common would be the gold one to the left of the green one. Considering the large number of trays Stegmaier produced, note that there was a considerable span between the bakelite war tray and the white tray seen in this group. I suspect it took quite a while to recover from the war years.