Example of four cardboard counter displays:

Top left – Late 60’s Liebotschaner (11 x 14)

Top right – 1971 Fishing Seasons (11 x 14)

Bottom left – 60’s? Porter Ad (14 x 11)

Bottom right – Pa Lottery Ad with chalk strip to write in the daily
numbers. (14 x 9)

8/14/52 and 8/21/52 news ads showing an outdoor picnic and tennis players. Part of the ad states Only The Best The Very Best For 95 Years. The interesting part at the bottom says to tune in “Stegmaier Time” starring Melvyn Douglas on Thursday evening at 10:30 on WFIL-TV, Channel 6. WFIL was (still is) a Philadelphia TV station. Sounds like Steg was competing with the big breweries in Philly on their own turf.