Daily calendars became a very popular method for advertising products in the 60’s. Steg’s contribution are these two 6 x 15 inch tin-over-cardboard examples produced by The Permanent Sign & Display Co., Inc. of Reading, PA. This advertising firm produced many of the various calendar and thermometer examples of that period. The calendar pad on the blue one is 1964 and probably orininal to the piece. The maroon one is without pad, but the item number is only 1 different. They were more than likely a duel order. The note under the pad lets you know you can get pads for the ensuing year upon request to Stegmaier.
These are the actual artists proofs from Permanent Sign & Display for the blue version of the calendar. A one-of-a-kind momento of Stegmaier advertising history.
This is a larger tin-over-cardboard daily calendar with a partial 1967 pad. Again, probably original to to the sign. This one measures 19 x 14 inches and stands out quite a bit more than the other two. I really like the nice clean graphics and eye appeal of this one.