Steg Bags – A grain bag for brewing the product, a 40’s 6-pack bag for taking the product home, and a bank bag for hauling the profits to produce more advertising! I know of 3 different color bank bags. I have a red, a green and the one pictured.
This is an embossed 3-ring binder, apparently in use in the early 30’s as there is some interesting correspondence from that period contained in the binder. It’s labeled as “Stegmaier’s Advertising Manual” which leads me to believe it may have been located in the brewery office. Maybe a gift from one of the Chicago firms?
Four early examples of impressive pieces of Limoges china, back-stamped for Stegmaier in gold leaf. These are the only four designs I know to exist. I am told there is a 3rd plate with flowers, but I have not seen it. If so, it’s on my wanted list.