Leather billfold with a 30’s style logo although it may be of newer vintage. The logo is embossed and sewn into the leather. Logo appears to be vinyl.
Another billfold. This one has the very early style logo, but looks like newer vintage. The logo appears to be pewter and is hooked into the leather. (If anyone has any history on either of these billfolds, please drop me a note.)
Preprohibition P-7 style corkscrew and cap lifter. If you want the best drink Stegmaier’s Wilkes-Barre Beer bottled at the Brewery along with the logo. Made by A.W. Stephens Mfg. Co., Waltham Mass., Pat. Apr. 30, 1901. Very scarce, especially with a good dark stamping. This is the best example I’ve ever seen.