An early pre-prohibition lithographed match holder manufactured by the H D Beach Co. The shape of the botttles would date this somewhere around the turn of the century. Bottles, from left to right, are Export Beer, Select Beer, Beer and Malt Extract.
Two early etched pilsner glasses. I’m not sure if these are pre or post prohibition. The one on the left advertises Stegmaier Pilsner, which I assume was very short-lived. The tumbler in the center, with gold “FJS” initials, is from a glasswear set made for Frederick Joseph Stegmaier, son of Charles. He and his brothers, Christian and Geroge, operated the brewery, along with dad, around the turn of the century and into the early 1900’s. This glass was given to me by one of Charles’s great great grand children.
Four cone top cans (12 oz. and quart sizes) made by Continental Can. It’s interesting that they all say “Copyright 1930 by the Stegmaier Brewing Company”.