An early 60’s glass covered, metal backed thermometer with paper or cardboad advertising under the class. Unmarked, but I suspect this is also from Permanent Sign & Display of Reading, PA.  It measures approximately 9 inches in diameter.
A 40’s or early 50’s cash register light like the one on page 5 of the photo gallery. This one is about 2 or 3 inches smaller and gives a more yellow effect to the clear top when lit. Also from Amenican Engraving Co. of Philadelphia. I like the appearance of this one a little better, even though you don’t see much of a difference in the photos.
Another use for the foam board sign on page 29. This time, a cash register light. From the electrical wiring, it suggests early 60’s. I’ve also seen this same sign attached to some other heavy metal apparatus for which I had no idea of the purpose. They really tried to get the bang for the buck out of this one.