A Stegmaier gift to those special accounts (or possibly employees). The box has a U.S. postage paid permit stamp along with the Steg return address. The box contains 8 coasters and a cap lifter with wooden handle. The opener and coaster style suggest a 40’s premium.
Another gift apparently from the same period. This is a yellow gold plated aluminum ashtray (the gold got a little washed out in the
picture) like the unplated kind you see in abundance. There were probably more of this type of “thank yous”. If you know of any, I’d appreciate a response.
Don’t think this is a gift box, but it’s how these late 40’s or 50’s tap knobs were distributed. It advertises “Make your bar stand out with Stegmaier the Outstanding Beer”. This is the “Ale” version. They black stamped either Ale, Beer or Porter on the box.