This is typical of early 50’s fluorescent lighted signs with a metal casing. Measures 24 x 13 and executed by Tel-a-Sign Inc. of Chicago. It has one of those “Property of” stickers common on these type signs. This one came in the original carton which
was marked as shown in the photo. The 132 Market St. is the brewery address so apparently Steg redistributed the signs to their favorite taverns and distributors. Haven’t see a whole lot of these so I suspect you had to be special to get one.
A late 50’s or 60’s half barrel lighted sign. The cover is plastic with a metal backing. Measures 15 inches in diameter and made by Neon Products Inc. of Lima, Ill. and with the Union Made symbol. A very attractive display piece. You may have noticed by now, that generally the newer Steg pieces are no more common than some of their older advertising. An indication that the advertising budget was experiencing cuts as the profits declined in the later years.
A late 50’s or 60’s T-O-C thermometer manufactured by Permanent Sign & Display Co. of Reading, PA. This is from the “Cold and
Gold from the Poconos” phase of advertising. The sign is 9 inches in diameter and has a string hanger as well as the 2-sided stickies on
the reverse for display purposes. One of their cute advertising pieces featuring a chipmunk.