More Steg Taps – The next generation of bakelite taps from the later 40’s and early 50’s. The two outside taps are 1-sided with celluloid covered inserts. The right side one is very scarce. The two in the center are 2-sided and have full size metal inserts on both sides. Note that the one example is Stegmaier’s Beer and the other is Stegmaier Beer. Wonder if the Stegmaier’s version was an opps?
We probably get into the mid to later 50’s with this trio of molded plastic, 2-sided taps. Note a full-fledged porter tap. Could it have become more popular, or did they just decide the earlier cut and paste foil inserts weren’t very professional?
The tap on the right is also from the mid to late 50’s and of the molded plastic construction. This tap was also issued with a 100 year anniversary ad on the top instead of the plain foam top. That one is on my “wanted” list. The other two taps take us into the 60’s and early 70’s. They are 2-sided lucite handles.