This is a paper covered cardboard framed sign presumably from 1952, and I believe, quite limited in production. As you can see, Steg claims they are “the best” for 95 years. The sign measures about 11 x 24 inches.
An attractive plastic over cardboard hanging sign that has a vinal appearance. The photo came up a bit dark so as not to wash out the contrasting gold. This one measures 10 x 6 inches. One of the more common and less expensive signs of the cloud era. Manufactured by Bastian Bros who did mainly celluloid, but this appears to be plastic ???

An enamel ashtray and lighter set advertising Stegmaier’s 100th Anniversary. The ashtray is 7 1/2 inches square and the lighter is about 3 inches high. A great pair I’d like to acquire. I have an identical ashtray without the years, which was probably distributed before or after 1957.