Three early Stegmaier Coasters in my collection that I know to exist. If any other pre 40’s coasters are known, I’d appreciate a heads up. Interesting that Steg also used the handsome waiter although I’ve never seen it on anything else of theirs.
Info received from a Mass collector: When the Springfield Breweries Co. was flourishing before prohibition, there was a Hotel called the Highland Hotel in Springfield. This hotel was named after one of the branches of the Springfield Breweries which had four parts (Tivoli, Liberty, Hampden and Highland). As the legend goes, there was a waiterthat worked at this hotel that used to humor everyone from his small sized tuxedoes to quick wited jokes, that soon the term “Who Wants the Handsome Waiter” was born. Springfield Breweries soon jumped upon the idea and used the image in a tray that came out right before prohibition. Once prohibition ended, Springfield folded with the exception of Liberty, which was now called Commonwealth Brewing Corp.and Hamden Brewing Co. which jumped on the Handsome Waiter campaign once it opened shop in 1934. That was their main marketing strategy until their bottling plant opened 10 years later and the Accordion playing “Johnny Hampden” took over as the Hampden logo. The waiter image was such a hit that Steg, Cincinnati cream ale and a variety of other breweries used it. From what I understand, the waiter that coined a campaign for many Breweries of that time died in Springfield in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
Some things never change! This is an early pre-prohibition Shonk tray identifying Steg beers with fishing. The four brands pictured are Stegmaier Beer, Malt Extract, Export Beer, and Stock Lager.
The popularity of bowling in the 40’s and 50’s must have inspired Steg to hit that market. Unfortunately I don’t think this sign was ever executed. It appears it may be an artist’s proof. I’d be interested to know if anyone has it or has seen another.