Steg Tip Trays

All five of the Stegmaier tip trays were manufactured by Shonk of Chicago and depict the outstanding lithography produced by that firm.  This is the oval factory tip and probably the last one produced and most impressive of the tips. Note the manufactured hole at the top. You will find it on all of the oval tips.

I believe these to be earlier factory tips. Note the one on the left is a pure tip (flat surface) and the one on the right is a coaster/tip having six raised ridges on the surface. Other than that, they are identical and probably distributed as a pair.
This is the tip identical to the full size tray displayed on one of my previous pages. Again, there is a tip and a tip/coaster version.  Unlike the factory, I believe these to have been released at different times. The flat surface full tip on the left is considerably more scarce than the tip/coaster version, and has a darker green background.