This is the pre-prohibition reverse-on-glass sign that was the cover picture for the Fall 1987 NABA Breweriana Collector. An outstanding example of early advertising issued to select taverns. Quite large at about 3′ x 2′ with vivid blue and green colors and 3-dimensional lettering.
Another attractive reverse-on-glass sign, much smaller and later vintage. Probably dates to the 50’s and is manufactured by Beeco of Chicago. This measures 9 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches and has the raised foil lettering and cloud outline that set off the gold and red background.
An 11 3/4 inch bakelite tray produced during the war years to conserve metal. This style tray was distributed by a few Eastern Pennsylvainia breweries. Manufacturer unknown, but suspect it must have been local to the area. Others that come to mind are Bartel’s, Kaier’s, Fell’s and Boyertown. Quite non-descript, but a nice piece of advertising history.